Legalized Marijuana's Noticeable Fails (Part 1)

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Don't buy the hype. Legalization promises have not been met. And the real cost is the damage done to the medical cannabis patients and doctors.

Fail 1: The Black Market is Thriving - at the cost of tax payers (again)

One of the biggest arguments made by cannabis advocates when trying to sell their spiel to politicians and voters was that legal weed would eliminate the black market. This, they said, would make it more difficult for children to get their hands on pot than in decades past while also generating significant tax revenue for the states. But the underground pot trade hasn’t really gone anywhere.

In fact, the illicit drug trade is only growing stronger now that criminal organizations have the luxury of being domestically based instead of running distribution from Mexico.

While the Golden State was predicted to rake in $643 million in pot taxes in the first year, it only collected right around half of that. This is because the black market continues to dominate leaps and bounds over the legal sector.

In Canada, where marijuana was legalized last year, a recent report from the Associated Press indicates that nearly 43 percent of the country’s pot consumers continue to buy weed from illegal sources. And doing away with the black market is the entire reason that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set out to legalize weed in the first place.


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